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*What you need to know before buying a water filter

1) Size of filter: in the standard range of water filters 9 and 3/4 inch is the
standard size on the market. However many companies manufacture their filter
cartridges an inch shorter or an inch longer, or add a plug; anything to force you
to buy the replacement from them. Water filter world offers this standard size in
our economy systems and tries to win you over with price, quality and service
2) Plumbing fittings: some companies use non certified plumbing fittings known as
saddle valves which clamp onto existing pipe but are unsafe and void any house
insurance in case of flood. Water filter world uses only the best plumbing fittings
from Tradelink so you won’t have to worry about that.
3) Is the filters micron rating on the cartridge you’re using absolute rated or
nominally rated?
Most carbon cartridges are nominally rated which means that the micron rating they
are suggesting is approximate not definite. This means that the micron rating can
vary from filter to filter within the same brand. Even in your top of the range
filter cartridges this is common and a case of buyer beware. Absolute rated
cartridges are few and far between. They have guaranteed micron size and are hard to
find. Australian standard 4348 is the best standard available. This gives you an
absolute rating, and Water Filter World’s top filters are absolute rated for your
peace of mind.
4) Guarantee: a lot of companies offer some unreal guarantees, but that’s no good
unless they are going to be around. We have been in the industry over 12 years now
and have been advising people and companies on the correct choice of water filter
for all that time. While a lot of companies come and go in such a volatile industry
as ours, water filter world has the database to keep us going through good times and
bad. We are actually wholesalers, not just retailers, and we are now offering
wholesale prices to the public online so everybody benefits from the best possible

We are experts in water filters and we recommend purchasing a Techno Triple Water filter with a Alkaliser. We offer a super special package that includes the water fileter and alkaliser and includes free Delivery Australia Wide!

Click here to see our super special package Techno Triple with Alkaliser

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